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I made a video with my one of my best friends

And found out something, I never knew… take a gander, will you??


girls just wanna have fun…and boys too. but i really liked that song.

So I was at work (at CHCH in case you didn’t know Lauren…) and the director recieved a link that made all of those Van Wilder quotes I live by a reality. Indirectly, but I still got something out of it….Because, you should never take life too seriously, you’ll never get out alive….

Anyways, we’re at work, and she get’s a youtube link to a video called FRIDAY DANCE PARTY. Now, since I’ve seen these, I have become a strong advocate of them and believe every friday should not only be casual, but involve a dance. What made this one funny was, it was ON TV!

Yes, A TURNER BROADCASTING Station in Cincinnati, Ohio decided that traffic was just too boring at 5:45 am in their fair city. (And, in all honesty, I have driven through the U-S in rush hour, and we could learn a thing or two from our neighbours too the south). Okay, so, there was nothing going on in the streets of Cincinatti, and it was friday, so they decided to have fun. Now, members of a News station wouldn’t really get to have a “casual friday”, so I assume this is their response.

 And, even though I had somewhat lost faith in this business for a few days, when I watched it, it made me realise this can still be fun as long as you relax. Because seriously, whats the worst that could happen? You get fired, and you have on your resume….


Morning News Anchor Channel 12 Cincinnati Turner Broadcasting. CNN Affiliate.

So it looks like you’ll pretty much land on your feet. And c’mon, it looks like a blast, I’m sure they have the highest 5:45am ratings in the country…

The message? Enjoy this while you still can.

 Also, I wish I could rap like this guy….

Apparently ‘save’ and ‘publish’ aren’t the same….

Haha not a long one here, but I thought I would share the fact that I didn’t know there was a seperate button to publish a story……

computer literate my arse…..

People make the news….

I have recently been torn on where to go after this. Where I might take my Journalism Diploma. There are more places to put news, but less jobs that pay to you to do so.

What I’m getting a, is you have to go where the people are to find what you want. You have to make the news happen. You have to find it.

If you look at the differences, let’s say, between Canadian and American news….

The United States, as corrupt as people may think it is, is an amazing place. I would love to live and work there. It’s a journalist’s dream. Imagine 350 Million people, 10 times that of Canada, on a smaller land mass!!

Things are bound to happen. There are as many people in California as there are in Canada. Imagine shoving all of Canada in to Ontario….or for arguments sake, New Brunswick. People are bound to get angry and get on each others nerves. That’s how news happens. It falls on your lap, you don’t have to go looking for it…

Think about it….You want news? You want interesting? Go to the States where anything and everything can happen. We’re here for interesting stuff, not for a Kitty Fashion Show. I will go there, I will experience it, and no doubt it will be amazing.

your pal nickos.

Yaow it’s the 21st Century! or 20th? How does that work….did year 100 count?

Alright here’s the deal…..I’m at home with the ‘rents for the first time in over a month. I missed christmas with them. I missed our annual new years bedtime of 10p.m. I’m missing a lot. What am I missing most? My father’s geek exellence with Mac’s….

Lady’s and gentlemen, boys and girls (boys and girls, if you’re reading this, stop if you’re under the age of 18) It’s time for the blog to enter the 21st Century…

I HATE TO WRITE….I get my point across much better if I can actually speak….So that’s what I plan to do….so watch for the future before it LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!!!! no I’m just kidding I’ll give you better warning….but soon, the BURT……..In HD…….

What happened to my moustache anyways?